Care Services

Our staff and volunteers strive to provide quality care to our guests and their family.    We work closely with our guests’ hospice providers to provide pain management and symptom control.  We want our guests to feel that they are at home when staying with us.  We provide:

    • 24-hour care from trained staff and volunteers.
    • Companionship, when loved ones can’t be there.
    • Home-cooked meals served any time.
    • Laundry and housekeeping services.
    • A shower room including a “wheel-in” shower.
    • A large sunroom with TV and comfortable furniture.
    • A kitchen and dining room area for use by guests and families.
    • Special outdoor spaces including a patio and gardens. 
    • A quiet room, when a private place is needed.

We believe that end-of-life care also extends to family and friends of our guests.  We will be glad to answer any questions, be there if someone needs a shoulder to lean on or just someone to listen.  One of the things that makes Brian’s House special is that we are just right outside the door or around the corner if we are needed.  If loved ones can’t be there, we are just a phone call away.