A Brief Guide To Admissions

Sometimes receiving end-of-life care at home is not the best option for various reasons.  Brian’s House would like to welcome anyone who is in hospice care.

Below are the general eligibility criteria for admission.  Once the decision is made that the best option is to stay at Brian’s House, a more detailed list of eligibility as well as ineligibility will be provided.


  1. The individual requires supportive care due to safety needs, weakness, or inability to perform one or more self-care activities and does not have someone available 24 hours a day to assist the individual at home.
  2. Has a life-expectancy of one month or less.
  3. Is seeking comfort care or symptom management and not curative treatment.
  4. Currently enrolled, or agrees to enroll, in a hospice program.
  5. Has Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives, Patient Advocate and Do Not Resuscitate forms.
  6. The individual/family/authorized representative  agrees to pay a daily fee for room and board.
  7. Does not have an infectious disease requiring adaptation of the house and/or staff.

If you have questions or would like to inquire about a stay at Brian’s House, please call 989.892.4616.